SC2 EU Qualifiers: Ukraine - Stage 1

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WESG Europe Qualifiers is a competition, based on sports principles, aimed at determining players and teams to participate in WESG Global Finals in 2018.



1.1. WESG StarCraft II Europe Qualifiers runs will be held in the following regions:

  • Region ”Russia” (2 Regional Finals spots);

  • Region ”Ukraine” (2 Regional Finals spots);

  • Region ”Poland” (2 Regional Finals spots);

  • Region ”Sweden” (1 Regional Finals spot);

  • Region ”France+Monaco” (2 Regional Finals spots);

  • Region ”Denmark” (1 Regional Finals spot);

  • Region ”Germany” (2 Regional Finals spots);

  • Region ”Benelux” * (1 Regional Finals spot): Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands;

  • Region ”Baltics + Scandinavia” (1 Regional Finals spot): Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Finland;

  • Region ”South-East CIS + Turkey” (1 Regional Finals spot): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey;

  • Region ”Eastern Europe” (1 Regional Finals spot): Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania;

  • Region “South-East Europe” (1 Regional Finals spot): Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Croatia,  Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo;

  • Region “Central Europe” (1 Regional Finals spot): Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, San Marino, Malta, Vatican;

  • Region “Britain + Iceland” (1 Regional Finals spot): England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. Northern Ireland, Iceland;

  • Region “Iberia” * (1 Regional Finals spot): Spain, Portugal, Andorra.

1.2. WESG StarCraft II Europe Qualifiers general information:

  • Registration for all qualifiers opens on August 21st and closes two days before the actual start of each regional or national qualifier;

  • Game server: European StarCraft II Battle.NET server;

  • Game channel: WESG;

  • Qualifiers participants: Citizens of countries which are located in the region and eligible;

  • All travel and accommodation expenses for qualifier winners (note: only for players themselves, not for their relatives / managers / etc) will be covered by the organizers;

  • Qualifiers format: Single elimination best of 3, best of 5 in finals. If the qualifier offers more than one spot in Regional Finals, Double Elimination starts from Ro8 onwards, best of 5 is played in both qualifying matches.

* NOTE: Qualifier of Iberia, Qualifier of Russia and Qualifier of Benelux are held by other organizations so they may have their own format and rulesets. Please follow your regional WESG organizers for more information regarding qualifier formats.



2.1. Players are allowed to take part in regional or national qualifiers only if they are legal citizens of one of the listed countries of chosen region.

2.2. Players should complete the process of registration on WESG website before the final registration day for the chosen region;

2.3. Players are required to provide scan of their passport to complete the registration process.

2.4. Application form to confirm registration:

To complete the registration process for the regional qualifier, each player has to send scan of passport to our e-mail with TITLE: "WESG Player XXX Confirmation", where XXX is your nickname on WESG website. The following data should also be present:

  • Nick-name:

  • profile link:

  • Ingame race:

  • Full name:

  • Date of birthday:

  • Skype:

  • Location (country, city):

  • E-mail:

  • Attached scan of the passport.

2.5. By taking part in the tournament, players agree to follow and respect tournament rules as well as referees’ decisions.



3.1. Game version: Legacy of the Void latest version;

3.2. All games will be played on European server;

3.3. Match format & speed: melee 1v1, faster;

3.4. Players must turn off notifications and set their status to busy while in game;

3.5. Players must turn off “receive messages only from friends” option;

3.6. Players must turn on “Automatically save replays” option;

3.7. Players must turn off all non-default skins for units and buildings;

3.8. Players must stay in tournament game channel (“WESG”) during the competition.



4.1. Tournament map pool consists of 1v1 ladder maps: Ascension to Aiur, Abyssal Reef, Odyssey, Mech Depot, Interloper, Acolyte, Catallena

4.2. Players are making vetoes from the map pool until there are enough maps for current matchup. The player above in brackets starts vetoing and also chooses the starting map after vetoing process is over;

4.3. The next maps for the series are set by loser pick from remaining maps.



5.1. Player is declared as a winner after his/her opponent types “gg” or has all of his/her buildings destroyed;

5.2. The race which player uses in game must match the information provided and must be confirmed with referees before the match;

5.3. Game may end in a draw without automatic stalemate detection if:

  • Both players agree for a draw OR

  • There is a natural stalemate in game which should be confirmed by the referee OR

  • There is no possibility to kill opponent’s buildings for each player.

5.4. Game ended in a draw by automatic ingame stalemate detection may be either ended as a draw or as a win for any player by referee’s decision.

5.5 Game ended in a draw by referee’s decision or by players' agreement will be replayed on the same map until the winner is determined.



6.1. Players may not use any violence against any other players, staff and audience;

6.2. Chat during the game should be restricted to expressions of sportsmanship (e.g. “gl”, “hf”, “gg”, “pp”) and essential communication;

6.3. Pausing any streamed game by players is allowed only in case of urgent technical difficulties; in other cases, they have to write “pp” to ask referee to pause the game;

6.4. Players may not use any ingame bugs intentionally to gain the advantage;

6.5. Usage of any software which breaks rules is forbidden;

6.6. Players may not use other people’s accounts and fake IDs to access StarCraft 2 during the tournament, only real IDs and own accounts are acceptable;

6.7. Players may not bet on any games of the tournament;

6.8. Players may not engage in any kind of match fixing actions, and must immediately report any match fixing offers they receive to tournament organizers.



7.1. StarLadder reserves the right to change any part of the tournament rules at any time if needed and to cancel any player’s participation in the tournament in extraordinary situations;

7.2. Tournament organizers and referees are allowed to make their own decisions which could go against the rules in extraordinary situations;

7.3. Tournament organizers and referees are allowed to make their own decisions in situations which are not covered by current rules.