WESG SC2 Americas Finals are coming!

As we have entered a new 2018 year, WESG’s current season proceeded to the next level. Only a bit more than two weeks separate us from the beginning of Americas Finals, where we will be spectating the battle for precious spots at Global Finals in China.

Unfortunately, due to visa issues, it was decided to run the final stage of the American qualifier in online mode. As of StarCraft II division, there will be 12 players all around this region, which will be playing for tickets to WESG Global Finals. In addition to 7 GF spots, $34,000 of the prize-money will be played off.


Participant-list of WESG SC2 Americas Finals


Neeb Jon Snow
puCK Semper
Scarlett SpeCial
JimRising EGG
Kelazhur CatZ
eGGz HalfBreed


Prize distribution for WESG SC2 Americas Finals


1st place $15,000 + spot at Global Finals
2nd place $7,500 + spot at Global Finals
3rd place $4,000 + spot at Global Finals
4th place $2,500 + spot at Global Finals
5-6th place $1,500 + spot at Global Finals
7th place $1,500 + spot at Global Finals
8th place $1,500

The event itself will be running from 1-4 February as it was planned before. More information about the tournament, such as schedule, seeding and format, will be revealed soon. Follow the news on our website in order to stay in touch with any updates about WESG.