WESG Americas: TShow dealt with the TO’s onslaught

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Matches of Group «B» at the American LAN-finals WESG Dota 2 were resumed with a meeting Team One and TShow. It was the last chance for the Ecuadorian team to gain points before the end of the group stage. 

TShow have a high chances of advancing to the Playoffs

Before the start of a main time, the players from Team One, altogether, went to the top rune and made the first kill, catching the enemy off guard. Roaming Mirana from TO.Songz realized a few successful ganks, thus gaining the advantage in gold. 

Going to the mid-game, Team One were facing some difficulties with the opponent’s Anti Mage and Templar Assassin, who were multiplying the damage in the team fights for TShow. TO failed to find a way to interrupt the rival’s carry, that was used by the Brazilians, who changed a tide of the match. Eventually, TShow victoriously finished the started.  

Team One stop their performance in Group «B», while TShow are up to play one more match against Learn2Gank. 

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