WESG Americas: Infamous outmatched L2G

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In a following match of the group stage within the LAN-finals of WESG Americas in Dota 2 were fighting Infamous Gaming and Learn2Gank. 

Already on the 2nd minute, L2G spilled the first blood, profiting by the enemy’s midder’s slip-up. The Mexicans found a way to make a few kills more, but Infamous have immediately cut down the backlog. The game within an early stage was marked with small clashes on the map, which were finished with even exchanges.  

Quite soon, Learn2Gank picked up several significant team fights and were the first to get the Roshan, gaining hold of aegis for Templar Assassin. Infamous didn’t let L2G take the lead and secured the victory in following team fight. With a team-wipe on the 35th minute, the Peruvians destroyed the opponent’s base and drew a line under the match.

Thus, the Peruvian five Infamous Gaming have gained three points, securing first seed among the group.

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