WESG Americas: Kingao overwhelmed Rebirth

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In the final match of the first gaming day within the LAN-finals of WESG Americas in Dota 2 Kingao+4 faced off against Rebirth Esports. The game didn’t affect the teams’ positions within the tournament table: the Brazilians had already secured the first place among the group, while Rebirth — had lost all chances to advance to the Playoffs.

For a while, the squads were avoiding large clashes, focusing on solo-kills. The first crucial team fight, picked up by the Brazilian team, has finally dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. Kingao+4 took a lead over the game’s landscape and started destroying towers of the rivals, who, in turn, failed to cope with the onslaught of the Brazilians. 

In a further game, the force-distribution on map was still remaining the same, letting ex-paiN draw the victorious line under the stand-off.

The team from Brazil becomes the winner of Group «А» and goes ahead to the semifinals of the Playoffs. Rebirth stops the participation in the tournament with ¥ 20,000 in the pockets.

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