WESG Dota 2 Americas: Day One Review

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The first match-day of the American WESG LAN-finals in Dota 2 has reached the end. Within the Group «А» were fighting the following teams: Dilecom, Vultur Team, Kingao+4 (former paiN-Gaming) and Rebirth Esports. 

Recall that the group stage was held by Round Robin system, with the BO1-matches. The groups’ winners were up to advance to the semi-final stage of the Playoffs, while the 2-3 places — to fight within the Relegation Round. 

By the outcome of Group «А» matches, the upper hand was gained by Kingao+4 (ex-paiN). The Brazilian five overwhelmed all rivals and advanced to the Playoffs, being undefeated. The second place was seized by Vultur Team, who finished a performance within the group stage with two victories and one defeat on the board. 

The third line is occupied by Dilecom. The Peruvian team lost out to Vultur and Kingao+4, but found a way to win a crucial match against Rebirth. The Chileans from Rebirth Esports, in turn, failed to gain a single point and stopped at the last seed among their group.

On October 22 kick off the matches within Group «B», played by: Team One, Learn2Gank, Infamous Gaming and TShow. Pretty soon we will find out, what teams will get hold of the remaining three tickets to the WESG Global Grand Finals, with a total prize pool of ¥24 650 000 (~ $3 700 000).

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