WESG Americas: Vultur win over Dilecom

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In the opening match of the first gaming day within the American LAN-finals WESG in Dota 2 were playing Vultur and Dilecom. 

During the first minutes, the viewers were keeping an eye on an equal clash, however, already on the 7th minute, Vultur destroyed the enemy’s tower on the top lane and won the team fight, thus gaining a decent advantage in gold and outscoring the rival.

The Argentinian five was steadily keeping the pace of an aggressive game, performing lucky ganks and prevailing in team fights. Eventually, Dilecom failed to turn the tide of a meeting and was forced to give up. 

Thus, Vultur secured the first points and took a lead in the Group «А». Within the next match, the Argentines will face off against Rebirth Esports.

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