Wololos and Team Belgium top Group C at WESG

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Wololos and Team Belgium have secured themselves the spots in the second round of the group stage at WESG CS:GO Global Finals, leaving ViCi Gaming and Parallax without chances to make it through.

Wololos CS:GO

Before meeting each other, Belgium and Wololos earned the highest possible amount of points, so ViCi and Parallax were eliminated before an end of Group C. Thus, Wololos and Team Belgium will play the last match with a goal to determine which one of them will get a high seed going into the next stage.

As Team Ukraine and Viva Algeria pulled out of the tournament, Group E had two teams, Team EnVyUs and Bravado Gaming, that automatically advanced to the following stage. There only one match happened, where EnVyUs crushed Bravado on Inferno, 16-3, and, by doing so, got a better seeding.

Other results of last two rounds:


  • AGO Esports 16-10 B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape
  • GODSENT 16-14 Swole Patrol
  • MVP.PK 16-10 Team One
  • SKDC 14-16 NSPR Gaming

The first day of WESG CS:GO Grand Final is almost over, so don't miss the broadcast of closing matches, one of which will be AGO Esports vs GODSENT.