SK Gaming win WESG NA Finals

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SK Gaming finished on the 1st place of WESG Americas Finals in the NA-division as they defeated Cloud9 in the grand-final.

SK Gaming WESG

Train, C9’s map-pick, was the place where the final match started. Cloud9 struggled a lot on T-side and that resulted in losing the half with winning only four rounds by fast executes and tarik’s 1v2-clutch, 11-4. In the next half SK and C9 went 5-5, so it was the Brazilians who were first to get a winning point, 16-9.

SK had a great chance to close it out, going into their map-pick, Overpass. C9’s explosive T-performance caught SK Gaming off guard and led them to defeat on CT-side, 9-6. Cloud9 managed to increase their advantage by taking away another pistol-round, 12-6, putting themselves in a comfortable spot. After losing a few gun-rounds, C9 restored their economy and got the job done, 16-10, extending the series to decider-map.

Finally, Cloud9 and SK Gaming ended up playing on Inferno. The Brazilian team even the score after a successful force-buy, 1-1, and made its defense incredibly strong. The situation was so one-sided that C9 could get only one more round before the side-switch, 13-2. Denying any chances of comeback, SK didn’t hesitate and earned a few needed points, 16-6, completely crushing the opponent. 

Final standings:


  • 1st place - SK Gaming ($20,000 + spot at Global Finals)
  • 2nd place - Cloud9 ($10,000 + spot at Global Finals)
  • 3rd place - French Canadians ($4,000 + spot at Global Finals)
  • 4th place - Swole Patrol ($2,500 + spot at Global Finals)
  • 5th place - subtLe (spot at Global Finals)
  • 6th place - Mythic