TDC beat CLG.Red to win WESG Women: North America

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TDC have defeated CLG.Red to earn the championship title of WESG Women: NA Finals and get the main cash-prize of $5,000.


The final match of this side of the competition started on Inferno. CLG.Red, who got this map as their pick, almost managed to come back into the game after losing the CT-half, 4-11, but were stopped in one step away from doing it, 16-14. TDC’s Mounira "GooseBreeder" Dobie showed great performance, reaching the edge of 30 bombs: 1.57 KDR (29-17 K-D), 103.1 ADR.

On the other map, Overpass, it was TDC who actually recovered from a huge deficit. The Canadians got a weak start on CT-side, being behind with 2-8 on the scoreboard, but later the situation turned completely around. TDC closed the gap after winning the second pistol-round, 9-9, and prevailed over CLG.Red in the intense battle, 16-14.  

Final standings:


  • 1st place - TDC ($5,000 + spot at Global Finals)
  • 2nd place - CLG.Red ($2,000)
  • 3rd place - American Eagles ($1,000)
  • 4th place - Freedom Fraggers
  • 5th place - Poutine Puggers