Vault win third-place decider over Elite Wolves

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The Colombian team has conquered the third place in WESG SA-division by defeating Elite Wolves and, thus, getting $5,000 of the prize-money.

Vault WESG

It’s all begun on Mirage, which was EW’s map-pick. Vault put up huge numbers into their T-side, getting a massive victory in the first half, 12-3, and finished the job as CTs, winning the map in a run, 16-3. sam_A and Daveys were a key part of Vault’s success, leaving the server with 1.91 and 1.85 KDR (21-9 K-D), respectively.

Elite Wolves had a chance to recover on Overpass, but they still couldn’t beat Vault. The Colombian five won its map-pick, 16-5, with spamzzy1 leading the way to their victory.

Eventually, Vault took the third place and earned the cash-prize of $5,000, but it’s their end of the road in the current season of WESG. They will miss Global Finals, while Isurus Gaming and Team One will go to China and represent South America in the final stage of the event.