American Eagles finish on the third place

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American Eagles have finished their performance at WESG Women: Americas Finals after winning over Freedom Fraggers in the third-place decider match.

American Eagles WESG

American Eagles decided to pick Inferno, which was eventually a great choice for them. Emmalee "EMUHLEET" Garrido’s squad dismantled the opponent, closing the map on 16-3 mark after solid CT-performance and short win-streak on T-side.

For the viewers’ point of view, the next map, Train, was as one-sided as the previous one. American Eagles went huge in the first half, taking away 14 rounds as CTs, and ended the match 16-1, showing their dominance over Freedom Fraggers.

As a result, American Eagles occupied the 3rd place and got $1,000 to their bank. On the other hand, Freedom Fraggers finished on the 4th position that gave them nothing from the prize-pool. Both teams are out from WESG, losing any chances of advancing to Global Finals.