Primadonna to fill the spot in team list for WESG Americas

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The runner-up of WESG: Other South America qualifier, the Argentinian team Primadonna, has got a ticket to the LAN-finals of WESG CS:GO Women Americas, taking it away from Mexico and Other N&C America subregion. 

The reason of this replacement is lack of participants in the online-qualifier for Mexico and Other N&C America. Due to not having teams that would play off a spot at the LAN-finals in California, it was given to the most competitive region - WESG: Other South America. As a result, the last ticket was earned by the Argentinian five under the name of Primadonna, which finished on the 2nd place in the online-qualifier.

WESG CS:GO Women Americas will be held from 1-5 February in the city of Santa Ana, using Esports Arena as the venue. Primadonna and seven other teams will be fighting for two tickets to Global Finals and $16,000 of the prize-money.