Team Ukraine are the champions of WESG EU Finals

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The Ukrainian team has conquered the championship title of WESG CS:GO EU Finals after defeating GODSENT in the grand-final clash.

It’s all begun with Mirage, when GODSENT decided to use it as their map-pick. The Swedes fastly recovered from a weak start after losing the pistol and strengthened their defense, so they took the lead and gained a double advantage 8-4. A tactical pause helped Team Ukraine to fix some problems with their T-side, and, after that, they reduced the gap to only one point 7-8.

The Ukrainian five took the second pistol, but, after a 9-8 mark, it fell under the pressure of pistol-buy, so GODSENT reset enemy’s economy. Going forward, Fredrik "freddieb" Buö’s team was confidently getting rounds on its board. As a result, GODSENT followed the pace and defeated Ukraine on Mirage with 16-10 in the end.

Overpass, pick of Team Ukraine, was the next map in this series. As a consequence of force-buys going back-to-back, Team Ukraine eventually established themselves on the T-side with the lead in their hands, and that resulted in their victory in the first half 10-5. Later on, Ukraine managed to resist GODSENT’s explosive style and prevailed over them, finishing Overpass 16-12 in their favor.

The match continued on Inferno. Being down 0-5, Team Ukraine answered by a win-streak with the same length, getting a lot of impact from Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and, thus, evening the score 5-5. Ukraine’s defense remained to be solid, so they went to the T-side with three rounds ahead of their opponent 9-6. Thanks to a pistol clutch from Joakim "disco doplan" Gidetun, GODSENT tied the game 9-9 after anti-ecos, but it wasn’t enough. Another tactical pause saved Ukraine from losing the initiative, so they came back stronger and got the win in this match 16-11. 

Distribution of the prize-pool of WESG EU Finals:


  • 1st place - Team Ukraine ($40,000 + ticket to Global Finals)
  • 2nd place - GODSENT ($20,000 + ticket to Global Finals)
  • 3rd place - Space Soldiers ($10,000 + ticket to Global Finals)
  • 4th place - Fnatic ($6,500 + ticket to Global Finals)
  • 5-8th place - AGO, Team Belgium, Wololos, EnVyUs ($4,000 + tickets to Global Finals)
  • 9-12th place - Team Russia, Limitless, NOREG, BIG (tickets to Global Finals)

We’d like to remind you that all the teams, which are mentioned in the list higher, will be going to WESG Global Finals in the next year. The prize-pool of Main Event in the CS:GO-division will amount to $1,5 million.