Russian Forces win WESG Women: EU Finals

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Russian Forces have become the winners of WESG Women: EU Finals in CS:GO, dealing with Dynasty Gaming in the grand-final, and, by doing so, earned $10,000 of a cash-prize. 


Two maps were enough for the Russian team to gain the victory. Ksenia "vilga" Kluenkova’s squad started with winning the opponent’s map-pick, Cache, finishing it with a 16-12 score in their favor, and continued on Inferno, where they defeated Dynasty Gaming in the overtime 22-19. Anna "Ant1ka" Ananikova left the server as the most valuable player, having 1.47 KDR (64-41 K-D) and 98.2 ADR after the end of the series.

Distribution of prize-pool at WESG Women EU Finals 


  • 1st place - Russian Forces ($10,000 + ticket to Global Finals)
  • 2nd place - Dynasty Gaming ($4,000 + ticket to Global Finals)
  • 3rd place - LEGO ($2,000 + ticket to Global Finals)
  • 4th place - Team Romania
  • 5-6th place - ParadokS and Chocolates&Beers
  • 7-8th place - Team Norway and Best Boniatos Ever

Beside of the prize-money, Russian Forces, Dynasty Gaming and LEGO qualified to WESG Women: Global Finals with $170,000 on the line. Their road to the global championship title will continue in 2018.