Ukraine defeat Fnatic on the way to Grand Finals

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The second grand-finalist of WESG EU Finals have been determined, as Team Ukraine prevailed over Fnatic at the event in Barcelona.

Team Ukraine

The second semi-final started on Overpass, which was picked by Team Ukraine. Despite of losing the first half with a score 6-9, the Ukrainian five found the way to a comeback. Beginning with an ace from Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev in the pistol, Team Ukraine closed the gap on the T-side. After that, they were shattering Fnatic’s defense and getting rounds for their bank, until it was finished. As a result, 16-13 in favor of Ukraine.

Fnatic couldn’t allow themselves another loss, going into the next map, Mirage. The Swedes got a decent start, leading the way with 5-0 on the table, but again Ukraine reduced their advantage to 8-7 in the end of the first half, going massive on the T-side. After a break, Fnatic completely lost the initiative and found themselves in a bad spot. Eventually, Team Ukraine won the map 16-13 after a strong showing on the CT-side.

Following that result, Team Ukraine advanced to the Grand Finals of WESG EU-qualifier, where they will be competing against GODSENT, which defeated Space Soldiers earlier. Speaking about Fnatic, their performance is not over. The Swedish squad will face SpaceS in the third place decider match. The last matches will be broadcasted on wesg_csgo channel.