GODSENT over Space Soldiers to Grand Finals

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GODSENT have become the first grand-finalists at WESG CS:GO EU Finals after defeating Space Soldiers in the opening match of the final game day.

It wasn’t much of a surprise, when the Turkish squad decided to pick their most successful map, Cache. Space Soldiers, starting on the CT-side, showed a solid defense by winning a half 10-5, while Ismailcan "XANTARES" DörtkardeĊŸ was playing out of his mind. Things got better for GODSENT in the second half, so they brought seven rounds on the board, but, eventually, it ended with SpaceS standing on the top 16-12. XANTARES finished the first map with 2.24 KDR (37-16 K-D), which was an insane result.

The next map, Mirage, was the opposite of the previous one. GODSENT took the driving seat and got the control for the whole game, so it led them to a massive victory. As a result of strong performance on the CT-side, the Swedish team won the first half 10-5. Space Soldiers couldn’t play it back after the switch, losing the pistol and first gun-round, and lost the map with a score 6-16.

After a small break, GODSENT continued playing in the same confident manner, looking stronger than SpaceS. Once again, the Swedish squad came out with good numbers on the CT-side, taking away eleven rounds in the first half, and then crushed Space Soldiers as the Ts, finishing the match 16-8 in its favor.

GODSENT will be fighting against Team Ukraine or Fnatic in the grand-finals of WESG EU-qualifier for a cash-prize of $40,000. On the other hand, Space Soldiers will face a loser of the second semifinal match in the third place decider, possible opponent of which was mentioned earlier. All the games will be broadcasted on wesg_csgo.