EnVyUs and Limitless will play at WESG CS:GO EU Finals

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EnVyUs and Limitless have reached the grandfinals of the qualifier in France & Monaco and secured spots at the European LAN-finals of WESG 2017.



In the online-qualifier of France & Monaco region among the fifteen teams, two spots have been to the next stage of the tournament played off. The first spot was earned by Team Limitless, after the victory over RB eSport in the semifinals 2:0 and the second one was achieved by Team EnVyUs, which prevailed over Alpha Republic of Esport also with a 2:0 score.


Thus, EnVyUs and Limitless reached the tickets to Barcelona without any loss. The outcome of the decider match within these two teams will have the influence on the seeding at the LAN-finals. As a result, winners of the last year's WESG — Team EnVyUs — triumphed with a 2:0 victory and got the seeding-advantage for WESG CS:GO EU Finals.


Now we know the names of six participants of the European LAN-finals of WESG 2017: Team EnVyUs, BIG, Team Ukraine, RESISTANCE, Limitless and Space Soldiers. Overall, 20 teams will visit Barcelona, where they will fight for spots at WESG Grand Final from 22-26 of November. The prize-pool of WESG CS:GO Grand Final stage amounts to $1,5 million.