WESG Americas: Team Canada advances to the finals

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The semifinals of the decisive stage within the American qualifiers for WESG started with a countering between Team Canada and QuetzaL. At first, the teams were fighting on de_cobblestone. In the first half, the Canadian squad found a way to pick up only 4 rounds [4:11]. Nevertheless, for the CT-side, Team Canada has shined with the way-better game and over time, reached the rival [13:13]. Through the main time, squads were unable to decide the strongest, so the match reached overtimes [15:15]. During the additional rounds, the Canadians picked up victorious points, putting the first map on their board [19:16].

Team Canada moves ahead to the finals

The choice of QuetzaL fell on de_cache. The Mexican roster started a game for the defense again, outscoring the opponent in eleven rounds [11:4]. Team Canada, not losing hearts, started cutting down the backlog. The QuetzaL's players had serious intentions to win on their pick and soon paragraphed the clash at [16:7].

The decider-map was chosen to be de_dust2. Despite the imperious start from the Mexican squad, the Canadians managed to brace up and finished the first half with a minimal advantage [8:7]. Having changed the side, Team Canada went on increasing the gap in score. QuetzaL managed to realize the gun-round, but then the control over games' tide was taken by the rivals. The team from Canada secured 7 rounds at a run and prevailed over the Mexicans [16:9].

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