The first regional final of WESG starts on this coming Friday!

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The final stage of the qualifier for WESG Global Grand Finals in the Africa & Middle East regions will be held  from August 26-28. The Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, HearthStone and StarCraft 2 players from Africa & Middle East will fight for a prize pool of $205,000 and 12 tickets (3 for each discipline) to the WESG Global Grand Finals with $3,702,000 on offer.

16 teams and 16 players, who have successfully finished the qualifying stages in their countries, will take part in the qualifiers’ finals. Most participants of the finals haven’t yet shone in  world-wide e-sports tournaments, so now they will try to assert themselves. Nevertheless, there are some well-known names among the participants. For a ticket to the Grand-finals of CS:GO we have:  Space Soldiers, who have recently triumphed at ASUS ROG Summer and the strongest South-African team —  Bravado Gaming. In StarCarft we have one of the strongest players in the world —  Ilyes “Stephano” Satouri.

The tournament will be held in Dubai — one of the most modern cities across the globe, located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. The best e-sportsmen of Africa & Middle East will be accommodated in Conrad Dubai. The battles of the regional finals will be held in the conference rooms of this hotel.

The list of participants:

CS:GO Dota 2 HearthStone StarCraft 2
  Space Soldiers   PUB   wilican   Zerghamdi (Zerg)
  Dark Passage   Dark Passage   Sanver   Aegwynn (Zerg)
  Bravado Gaming   WRG   Philo   Drager (Protoss)
  carboN   Bravado Gaming   Th3Jok3r   StatiC (Protoss)
  Damage Control   Psuedo   Bado   Rakan (Terran)
  FENNEC   AS   KingSlayer   ELGOLDEN (Protoss)
  Swift   K4   Dadaomg   Stephano (Zerg)
  C5.JO   Slice N' Dice   Lord   Luke (Protoss)


Groups and Schedule:


Main Stage Schedule:

Day 1

08:00 CEST: Dota 2, Group A —  Dark Passage vs  AS

09:00 CEST: HS, Group A —  Philo vs  Lord

10:00 CEST: CS:GO, Group B —  Swift vs  Bravado Gaming

11:00 CEST: SC2, Group A —  Stephano vs  StatiC

12:00 CEST: Dota 2, Group B —  PUB vs  Bravado Gaming

13:00 CEST: SC2, Group B —  Drager vs  Rakan

14:00 CEST: CS:GO, Group B —  Swift vs  FENNEC

15:00 CEST: HS, Group B —  Dadaomg vs  Bado

16:00 CEST: Dota 2, Group A —  Philo vs  Lord

17:00 CEST: SC2, Group B —  Rakan vs  Luke

Day 2

08:00 CEST: SC2, Group A —  Stephano vs  Aegwynn

09:00 CEST: HS, Group A —  Philo vs  KingSlayer

10:00 CEST: CS:GO, Group A —  Space Soldiers vs  carboN

11:00 CEST: Dota 2, Play-off — Group A - 1 place vs Group B - 2 place

12:00 CEST: SC2, Play-off — Group A - 2 place vs Group B - 1 place

13:00 CEST: CS:GO, Play-off — Group A - 2 place vs Group B - 1 place

Day 3

08:00 CEST: HS, Grand Final

10:00 CEST: SC2, Grand Final

11:30 CEST: Dota 2, Grand Final

14:30 CEST: CS:GO, Grand Final


The participants will battle for a prize pool of ¥1,364,000 (more than USD 200,000) and 12 tickets (3 for each discipline) to the WESG Global Grand Finals with $3,702,000 on offer.

All the most exciting battles will be officially covered in three languages: English, Chinese and Russian.


The list of English-language casters:

Hearthstone — Marcin “Gnimsh” Filipowicz (Poland)

Hearthstone — Richard “RichWCampbell” Campbell (USA)


StarCraft 2 — Stefan “PengWin” Mott (Switzerland)

StarCraft 2 — Jared “PiG” Krensel (Australia)


Dota 2 — Gabriel “Lyrical” Cruz (USA)

Dota 2 — Trent “MotPax” MacKenzie (Canada)


CS:GO — Tom “Tombizz14” Bissmire (United Kingdom)

CS:GO — Ryan “Flakes” Oliver (United Kingdom)


More detailed information about the tournament, participants, schedule and also reviews, analytics and the latest news of the tournament are available at


 Dota 2 Stream — DotaStarladder_en:

 CS:GO Stream — Starladder_cs_en:

 HearthStone Stream — Starladder_hs_en:

 StarCraft 2 Stream — Starladder_sc2_en:


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